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The summary is approved by the editorial board. Top preteen whores pictures preteen photos gallerys preteen ... for a detailed explanation of the information on this page. Update of Free Web Directory - Blogs > Eclectic and Quotidien durable - La maison écolo, c'est possible et pas cher !. Comparing this list and 11 Mar 2009 list is revealing. All three lists come from the same Australian Communications and Media Authority approved filtering software company source and described internally as the "ACMA" list.
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Between the 11th and yesterday, the company did an enormous cleanup of the list. No doubt as a result of the list appearing on gihusinej's Profile @
Where the list previously contained over 2000 URLs, and Conroy and the ACMA claimed "See!
Our 'current list' never contained that many URLs", this new list is about the size the ACMA claimed it to be.
ACMA/Conroy in a media release stated that there were 1061 URLs for August 6, 2008. The 18 Mar 2009 list, having apparently being cleaned up, now contains 1172.
Journalists can write to wl-press@sunshinepress.
org for an independent verification method.
Apparently a big "clean up" operation, following bad press over dentists and others being discovered on the 6 Aug 2008 ACMA list.
It is probable that the company only added, but never previously deleted, sites from the updates sent by ACMA. A hyperlinked version of the list follows. coordinated a Charity Flight to Haiti.

  $1,000,000 worth of aid reached the devastated regions.
The success of this enormous disaster relief effort was evident and critical in many communities throughout the country.






Many thanks to William Dise and George Hazy Gen. Manager for American Airlines in Miami.
  American lent Airline Ambassadors an A-300 aircraft. Ruth Matranga, AAI's Miami Director, A good time was had by all!
Two human chains formed down both aisles of the plane and aid was unloaded down both stairways.
  Christmas carols were sung to lighten the load in the high temperatures. Forty people rode on the plane:  AA employees, press, Nancy Rivard, President of Airline Ambassadors, various project representatives and donors.

  A delegation of 7 people remained in Haiti for the weekend to work to get the aid out, form relationships with officials, and visit projects.


The cargo hold was filled and every overhead bin was stuffed with aid.  Four TV crews also joined the flight.
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  Many thanks to Leslie Sosnowski who helped raise funds for fuel for the aircraft.
  to American Airlines and we never could have accomplished so much without this spectacular support --    largely to you, Frank Campagna!
With Further Distribution of Aid.   Haiti Missions of December 2008 and January 2009.
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  The group consisted of American Airlines Miami-based crew, and some Colorado-based humanitarians.
Soft goods including hygiene kits, health kits, school kits and powdered milk were donated by LDS charities.

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